Thursday, 26 July 2012 - Press Meet

The First Ever Contemporary Art Movement from India, with a defined ‘ism’
Experiential Realism
Online Art Portal & Gallery

Bodhi Tree Monastery of Art ( BTMOA ) is privileged to lead the very first contemporary art movement from India, with a defined 'ism' to mark the arrival of a fresh wave in art.
This online art portal is the very first from Eastern India, and also the very first art portal in India to be run by an art gallery.
This will enable art lovers and art collectors, from all over the world, to experience and to collect the works of exciting contemporary artists / 'experiential realists'.
This will augment art appreciation, due to the creative sensibility of the presentation, where the artist's note will inspire greater understanding of the art, and make art more popular.
This art portal will also create many first time collectors, with a contemporary modern mindset, who will be able to identify with the art presented, and will be excited by the talent on offer and the affordable prices.
We also understand that to offer quality art with honest prices (minus speculation) is the best way to serve art, the artists and the collectors.
The artists represented in this portal come from various parts of India, and also includes an artist of a different nationality.
But all of them are related to Bengal by birth, by education or by residence.
As we go along, we will include exciting talents, irrespective of their relationship with a particular geographical area, and also include more artists of different nationalities, and evolve to a 'global art portal', with a dedicated focus on 'experiential realism'.
BTMOA believes in the idea of "Yuva Ojas Ayus" or 'power to the energy of youth', and will continue to identity and support exciting talents, and promote their works through this art portal, launched in the month of July, 2012.

The Art Portal was launched on 9 July 2012 through a Press Meet held at The Palladian Lounge, The Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Kolkata, India.