Thursday 26 July 2012

Experiential Realism - the New 'Ism' in World Art

"A new wave of talent, with fresh ideas, concerns and expressions, are represented in this art portal. The over-whelming majority of the artists are within the age group of 22-35 years, and they offer a variety of works, with diverse themes, elements and styles..
The essential feel of the works, are neither same nor different, and the differences or the similarities are as clear, or as ethereal, as the meaning of art, or of beauty.
But what really stands out within this new wave of artists, is a moving away from the aesthetical representation of a 'form' and the absolute concentration on 'stylization', that has dominated Indian Art till now, to the aesthetical representation of an 'idea' that is stemming from their experiences, concerns and understanding of life in our times.
This is a major evolution of art in India, where a new wave of artists are breaking through the boundaries of established order, and creating art that involves 'meaning' and it's representation.
This refreshing approach is a step forward and deserves a term to mark their emergence.
Experiential Realism art of diverse stylization that essentially portrays a meaning, an idea, a concern or an understanding that is rooted from one's own experiences in life.
Most of the artists represented in this art portal can be termed as 'experiential realists' who are exploring their own selves and their lives, and creating art where beauty/aesthetics simply don't lie in the forms and their stylization, but also in the meaning / the idea / the concern / the understanding, that is the prime driving force behind their expressions."
Devdan Chaudhuri, Founder, Owner & Chief-Creative

Themes of Experiential Realism :
The new wave of artists is exploring themes, which were seldom / never explored in Indian Art.
Consumerism, Social Inequality, Violence, Environment, Urban Congestion, Urbanism, Migration, Attachments, Adultery, Contrast between Indian & Bharat, Economics, Globalization, Feminine Existence, Spiritualism and many more – driven by meaning, idea, concern and understanding of the life in our times.

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